A note from the Executive Director

We have the opportunity to pour into them what they were created to be; and pullout the treasure that they cannot yet see.

— Momma Moon

The Fostered Egg: The Journey of Destiny and a Forever Family

Mary Graham Children’s Foundation is celebrating 20 years! That’s two decades working to provide foster youth pathways to success. In that time, we have financed scores of former foster youth’s college education and trade school training, provided hundreds of hours of mentoring and coaching, and sponsored countless enrichment opportunities.

Thank you all for everything we have been able to accomplish together. We know that education and training breaks the cycle of poverty that often leads to hopelessness and despair. Education leads to stable employment at a living wage, and roots and reroutes young adults who have been in foster care in our community. They can go from traumatic childhoods to triumphant adults – raising their own children, volunteering, donating time and money to others and so much more.

Change happens when communities take action and invest in our most vulnerable youth. And you have. For the 2019-2020 academic year, 32 young adults are pursuing their post-high school educational dreams through our scholarship program. And overall, Mary Graham has provided over $1.6 million in college and vocational training scholarships to more than 160 young people.

As we wish you great health and to be safe, due to COVID-19 we have tabled our Great Chefs event and will delay our 20th anniversary celebration. However, we invite you to be on the lookout for our Fostering Growth newsletter over the months ahead to keep up with what’s happening.

We’re looking forward to celebrating together soon and let’s keep this beautiful work
moving forward.

Warm regards,

Emily J Ballus