Fostering Resilience

Over the last 20 years, the Foundation continues to create great community impacts for aged-out foster youth in San Joaquin County. Currently, we focus on awarding scholarships, mentoring students, and enrichment programs for the county’s children’s shelter.

As we move forward into new horizons, hopefully, we remember the feel-good moments when giving our time, talent, or treasure to improve our community. Your gifts offer an extra boost to scholars through these acts of kindness.

Foster youth have special needs and little support. Many youth struggle to step into adulthood, and there are more challenges that our aged-out foster youth face when they launch. Within four years of aging out of foster care, young adults will face costly odds that include:

  • 70% will be on government assistance
  • 50% will be unemployed
  • 50% will experience homelessness
  • 25% will not complete high school
  • Less than 12% will earn their college degree

These national statistics could cost up to $1 million dollars for each foster youth that we fail.

Your support empowers lives and nurtures new beginnings for our scholars! Every contribution, great or small, adds up to moving this important mission forward, and our stronger community rises together.