Serving Goodness – Claudia Pruett

After 10 Years Board Member Claudia Pruett Resigns

Claudia Pruett cares about community, children, and philanthropy. As a ten-year Director, she dedicated her service to the MGCF Board and worked as a major advocate for the mission. Claudia’s time, talent, and treasure caused ripple effects that reached far and wide for the scholar’s lives that she touched.

The Board recruited Claudia to become a member in 2010 because of her ability to rally support for non-profit fundraisers. Claudia enjoyed working with the team of supporters for the art auction, and with her leadership, the donations for that event majorly increased every year. An honored personal chef and cookbook author, Claudia’s talents shined at our Great Chef’s fundraiser where she leveraged her abilities and community connectedness to champion the cause. However, after her recent move out of the area, Claudia decided it was time to resign from the Mary Graham Children’s Foundation Board of Directors.

During her association with the MGCF, Claudia dedicated herself to the mentor program by guiding three scholarship recipients. Claudia knew these scholars faced unique challenges in their personal and family life, and she greatly admires their achievements. Through mentoring, she helped them see their potential and connected them with other opportunities, boosting their resilience and confidence.

Claudia understands nobody can succeed on their own and she appreciates that Greg Pruett, her husband, encouraged her good deeds.

The Board of Directors thanks Claudia for her outstanding support and she will always be considered part of the MGCF community.